Instructions for Presenters

REES aims to engage all conference participants in meaningful discussion about engineering education research. The REES session format therefore differs significantly from traditional conference presentation formats. In order to encourage and facilitate and support discussion and constructive peer feedback, a paper session runs as follows:
15/20 mins – Three or four papers are presented in a session with each speaker being given only 5 minutes each. The audience may ask short questions for clarification at this stage.
20 mins – In groups of 3, delegates discuss the papers and formulate longer and more meaningful questions or comments that are written down on the page provided and passed to the session Chair.
20/25 mins – The Chair poses the questions received from the audience to the presenters. The audience may respond to the answers given and from this stage the Chair generates and facilitates meaningful discussion.
This format is normally repeated so that, where possible, two sessions of similar papers run back-to-back, giving a total of two hours for the presentation of 6-8 papers.




  • will have a maximum of 5 minutes to present their papers;
  • may use a maximum of ONE PowerPoint slide (or similar);
  • are encouraged to circulate one A4 page handout.

Details about the handout: Presenters choosing to provide a handout are advised to keep the text on the single-sided A4 page to a minimum, as delegates tend to read the document while their presentation is in progress. The intention is to summarise the key points and provide delegates with an artefact to aid discussion. Presenters should please bring at least 45 hard copies with them to the session.



  • are encouraged to read the abstracts/papers before the session;
  • will form groups of 3 and discuss the papers and formulate questions for individual presenters or for all three presenters if appropriate.



  • should ensure that delegates present for no more than 5 minutes;
  • will monitor the time so that each session lasts 60 mins;
  • will collect the questions coming from the audience while the discussion is in progress and choose what he/she regards as the most appropriate questions;
  • should aim to facilitate meaningful discussion and probe interesting areas, being guided by the questions and responses from presenters.

Click here for a PDF of these instructions.



The review criteria for submissions may be found here.



Please use the provided extended abstract template that may be downloaded here



Please use the provided full paper template that may be downloaded here.



Use the following EasyChair link to submit your full paper or extended abstract by 1 March, 2019.